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Friesland Holland Assistance

Friesland Holland Assistance

Mobility guarantee

The mobility guarantee has been included in the price of every Friesland Holland cycling package. With this unique service one will be in Friesland, with the exception of the islands, insured of a replacement vehicle if the bike breaks down or if you had an accident with your own bicycle or rented bike and this cannot be restored at that place or at the bicycle repair specialist in the neighbourhood in 1 hour. You will receive an excellent replacement bicycle with 7 gears and bags or you will be taken by the Friesland Holland Assistance car to your ending destination of that day, no costs involved. The Friesland Holland Assistance car is able to take your bike to a bicycle repair shop in the neighbourhood near the lodging address if you wish. The costs of repairing the bike are for your own expense. Friesland Holland Assistance helps you to continue your trip in Friesland. The service is provided from the 1st of April until the 1st of October, 7 days a week, from 10.00 until 18.00. A tire repair set is provided when one rents a bike.

Tip: Install anti-puncture tires. Our rental bikes have these as well. This brings the chance of getting a flat tire to the minimum.


Luggage service

High season
Startday: as you wish. (during months May, June, July, August)

Low season
Startday: preferably on a Sunday or a Monday (during March, September)

Luggage service is provided in the period of the 1st of April until the 1st of October. After the 1st of October, Friesland Holland is only transferring the suitcases for groups bigger than 6 people. In case you have any questions you can contact the Friesland Holland Travel Service: 0031 (0)561 615 364.

Your suitcases will be picked up every day at 9 am at the reception of the hotel and will be dropped off between 14.00 and 18.00 o’clock at the next lodging address. The information package which you have received at home has luggage labels inside which you need to  on your suitcases in order to make use of our luggage service.   


Sloop vacation Guarantee

It does not happen very often that the weather is so bad that it is not save to go out by boat. If it does occur that it is not save during the sloop package for one or more days, the participants of the sloop can be taken by the shuttle bus of Friesland Holland:

  1. From the starting location to the first hotel
  2. From one hotel to other
  3. From the last hotel to the finish

In this way the sailors of the sloop can still enjoy their ending destination(s) at bad weather!

When the weather conditions are better, judged by Friesland Holland, the guests will be taking back to the location where the sloop is left behind, or the sloop will be sailed to a location from which they can continue their trip. This guarantee can only be done with the booking, at a minimum of three weeks in advance before the sailing trip. This deal cannot be taken in combination with last-minutes. This offered insurance of Friesland Holland Assistance (shuttle service and skipper) costs €195,- per sloop package, booked a minimum of three weeks in advance before the trip starts.

If you have not taken the sloop vacation guarantee, or you booked it too late, and you want to make use of this during your sloop package, you will pay €295,- per day. In fact this is not so expensive as two persons come in action: a private driver and a private skipper.

Get a guarantee or not, when you are in doubt about the safety always contact the Friesland Holland Travel Service: 0031 (0)561 615 364

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Friesland Holland Assistance

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