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Organisation de voyages

Here you can find all the information about the travel organisation of Friesland Holland.
  1. Friesland Holland

    Friesland Holland

    Friesland Holland exclusively offers holiday packages which were developed and tested by the organisation itself. It concerns unique packages with much and quite indispensable service. Service which virtually rules out unpleasant surprises during your journey, such as the speedy breakdown service for cyclists. Other characteristics of the special packages are comprehensive travel information, descriptions of lodgings, personal advice and also an informative information folder which you receive at home after booking.

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  2. Friesland Holland

    Friesland Holland

    Friesland Holland biedt uitsluitend vakantie-arrangementen aan die door de organisatie zelf zijn ontwikkeld en getest. Het gaat om unieke arrangementen met veel, eigenlijk onmisbare service. Hiermee worden onaangename verrassingen tijdens uw reis praktisch uitgesloten.

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  3. Conditions de réservation

    Conditions de réservation

    Friesland Holland Tourist Information & Travel service à Wolvega est le bureau de tourisme qui a composé les arrangements dans ce site internet. Elle remplit un rôle d’information pour ceux qui sont intéressés et, en ce qui concerne les équipements de séjour, un rôle d’intervention. En savoir plus
  4. Friesland Holland Assistance

    Friesland Holland Assistance

    The mobility guarantee has been included in the price of every Friesland Holland cycling package. With this unique service one will be in Friesland, with the exception of the islands, insured of a replacement vehicle if the bike breaks down or if you had an accident with your own bicycle or rented bike and this cannot be restored at that place or at the bicycle repair specialist in the neighbourhood in 1 hour.

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  5. Lodging information

    Lodging information

    Friesland Holland uses the term Pompeblêden to state the level of accommodations. Pompeblêden tell more than stars. The package prices are based on staying the night over in a 2 person room.

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