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Tour de Frise: Gaasterland IJsselmeer & National Park De Alde Feanen Luxury

Tour de Frise: Gaasterland IJsselmeer & National Park De Alde Feanen Luxury

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3-day Tour de Frise Culinary package by car or motorcycle. Overnight stay in luxury rooms including 4-course dinners. Price per person:

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Friesland Holland Assistance

The nicer places to stay



• 2 overnight stays in luxury rooms
• With 2x breakfast and 2x four course meal
• Welcome with coffee and oranjekoek (cake)

Romantic autumn and winter in Friesland

Hotel-restaurant-route in the Friese Wouden (Frisian forest), Eleven Cities and along the Frisian coast line

HEERENVEEN (NL) – Tour de Frise Culinary is enjoying all delights of the Frisian land. This package has been established for people who love the fine region oriented menu’s with a foreign twist and who love to walk and cycle and enjoying the history, culture, nature and landscape of Friesland. The hotels which have been selected have a special restaurant with an admirable surrounding. This means double enjoyment of Friesland!

The bureau for tourism Friesland Holland has created a three-, four- and five-days culinary car-, motor- and public transport packages with the name Tour de Frise Culinary. When travelling with the public transport to Friesland, one will be transported with a luxury shuttle bus from hotel-restaurant to hotel-restaurant.

Romantic and nostalgic
Bookers of this package always eat and sleep in a historical hotel with a restaurant filled with atmosphere. The guests will be welcomed with Frisian coffee and oranjekoek (cake) at arrival. After this you are taking a walk in the surrounding forests, at the beach or dykes or in the historical city centre. In the evening a romantic dinner will be waiting for you. Every chef de cuisine is presenting a unique four course menu. After a good night sleep, a generous breakfast forms the basis of the further discovery of the wonderful Friesland by making use of the route map and the big documentary map which have been send home, so you are able to make your choice out of the many sites at home already.

The secrets of Barslet 
In Tour de Frise Culinary, five top regions are playing a big role: The Friese Wouden in the east of the province Drenthe, UNESCO-world heritage the Wadden Sea, the many Frisian lakes in the Zuidwesthoek, the high and dry located forests of Gaasterland at the IJsselmeer and the most beautiful Eleven Cities. The bookers of this package will drive through the most beautiful regions, villages and cities from hotel-restaurant to hotel-restaurant. Of course you are able to take a peek at the Frisian village Easterlittens, which was the set for ‘The secrets of Barslet’, a dutch television serie. Enjoy a lunch in the Herbergh het Wapen van Friesland, located at the village square and recognize the bar- and square scenes of the movie.

The hotels filled with atmosphere with a restaurant
The selected hotels with a restaurant are small and located at a quiet place in a picturesque surrounding where one can walk and cycle, with lots of forests, by tree-lined meadows, lakes and monuments. These are locations which are outside the summer season also admired and comfortable, where one gets new energy, inspiration and relaxation. It is quiet, but not deathly quiet. The reserved dishes are Friesland oriented dishes, with a twist of foreign countries and a fine texture and taste. Your personal preference will be kept in mind when it comes to the menu: meat, fish or vegetarian.

Luxury levels
The travel organization of the Frisian bureau for tourism, Friesland Holland Travel, offers within the Tour de Frise Culinary package three levels with regard to the hotel rooms: comfort (standard), luxury (often new rooms) and grand luxury (for example honeymoon suites). Pick- and drop off service from a train station in Friesland and transfer from hotel-restaurant to hotel-restaurant, luxury touring bicycles and electrical bicycles are optional.

The usage of an e-bike – Friesland Holland has the most luxury e-bikes of the Netherlands!
Highly recommended: one will see a lot in a short amount of time in a comfortable way.

There are cycling paths and quiet inland paths everywhere. Recharging on the way is not necessary, the battery has a very wide capacity. In case of a flat tire or other problems, the Friesland Holland Assistance will directly come in action. You will continue your trip within no-time with a new electrical bike. This unique service also counts for people with an electrical bike of their own who do this route.

Start day
Any day

Start hotel
Hotel Jans, Rijs

Price information

• Reservation fees
• 2x overnight stay in a luxury room including generous Frisian breakfast
• 2x a four course meal in the evening
• Tourist taxation
• Route-information map (will be received after booking)

• Free Friesland Holiday Passport (unique five-language information book of Friesland worth € 4.95)
• Free Fries Voordeelpas worth € 25, - for hundreds of euro's discount on attractions and products.

• Travel- and cancellation insurance
• Lunch and beverages


Shuttle service through Friesland Holland: Transfer from airport/train station to the hotel on day 1, transfer from hotel to hotel on day 2 and transfer from hotel to airport/train station on day 3 (day of departure). You are able to book this for €75,00 per person (maximum of 8 persons).

Daily programm

Day 1

(First driving day)
You are expected in the afternoon in Hotel Jans. This hotel is located near the Rijsterbos and you will have plenty of time to discover this forest. In the evening a four course meal will be waiting for you.

Day 2

(Second driving day)
A generous Frisian breakfast forms the basis for your tour to Hotel Princenhof.
After discovering Friesland, a four course meal will be served.

Day 3

(Third driving day)
After breakfast it is time to go back home or you could do a biking trip through the National Park de Alde Feanen or a walk through the forest before departure.



Hotel Jans in Rijs
Hotel Princenhof in Earnewâld

*You will be staying in luxury hotel rooms.

3 – 4 Pompeblêden

Location accommodations
Quietly located, near the water and the forest.

Dinner in the evening
You will be dining in the restaurants of the hotels

Parking facilities
You can park your car or motorcycle safely at the locations.


Route information

Guest information with reserved places to stay
Accommodation guide with situation maps of the places to stay
• Sneek Magazine
• Newspapermaps: Friesland Attractions & Routes and Gaasterland/Sloten
Route information
Stamp card (only included in Eleven Towns package)

Extra night

In case you do not want to drive back home on the last day of your package, you could choose to book an extra night in the starting hotel.
It is strongly recommended to reserve this extra night in advance, during your reservation of the package.



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