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5-day Fox Sailing Package

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5-day sailing holiday including 2 days sailing instruction. Price per person from:

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Bookers of this package go sailing on a particular cabin sailing yacht: the Red Fox 22 for 4 days. Two days sailing instruction is included! The sailing yacht was built for Friesland Holland by Breehorn Woudsend and Ottenhome Heeg. This yacht has the sportiness of an open boat and the comfort and stability of a cabin sailboat.

The Red Fox 22, a modern Frisian product, is the most popular sailing yacht of The Netherlands due to its great stability, safety and excellent sailing performance. In the past decade, numerous models such as the first Black Fox and the Fox F3 fast were launched on the market. The Red Fox is the touring version and also the most rented variant. The no nonsense sail yacht offers lots of space, both above and below deck. The whole deck is walkable. Sailing with this yacht is simple thanks to a series of tricks, such as a jib and a small outboard motor. There is no other sailboat that enables you to learn sailing quickly and safely as the Fox.

Sailing instruction
The offered package includes 2 days sailing instruction for up to 4 persons. The sailing instructors work with an intense, but very personal and enjoyable learning programme. It focuses on the practice and the discovery of the deficiencies in the knowledge and skills of the student. After two days sailing instruction you can continue sailing on your own. Practice has shown that it can.

Start day

Start place

Number of sailing days
4 days

Last day

You sleep on board.
You need to take care for breakfast, lunch and dinner yourself.

Price information

Price week package:
€ 405,00 p.p.
  with 4 people in the boat
€ 465,00 p.p
.  with 3 people in the boat
€ 675,00 p.p.
  with 2 people in the boat

Max. 4 people in the boat

• Reservation fees
• Rental Red Fox 22 Touring
• 2 days sailing instruction
• Lifejackets
• Cookware
• Route information folder

• Free Friesland Holiday Passport (unique five-language information book of Friesland worth € 4.95)
• Free Fries Voordeelpas worth € 25, - for hundreds of euro's discount on attractions and products

• Travel and cancellation insurance
Flight tickets
• Tourist Tax
• Breakfast, lunch, dinners and drinks
• Bridge and harbor dues
• Fuel
• Excess 500,- Euro (must be paid to the yacht charter at arrival)

All inclusive

Shuttle service
Shuttle service (transfer from airport/ railway station to the yacht charter on day 1, the day of arrival in Friesland, and transfer from yacht charter to airport/ railway station on day 5, day of departure.

Friesland Holland Assistance
There is no need to panic if you have problems on the water. The yacht charter will help you out as fast as possible! You receive his phone number in your information folder after booking.

Daily programm

Day 1

Arrival in Heeg at the yacht charter. If you arrive early this day, you will get your first sailing instruction.

Day 2

Sailing instruction day nearby Heeg.

Day 3

Sailing day

Day 4

Sailing day

Day 5

Last day. The boat must be returned at the yacht charter before 17.00.
In case you need to catch the airplane in the afternoon you need to return the boat in the morning.


The Fox 22

The Fox 22 Touring is a design of the famous yacht designer Jack Knight. The Fox is so popular mainly due to the fantastic sailing and maneuvering characteristics, the spacious cabin (2.50 m wide!), the orderly and the full length and width walkable flush deck and the favorable rental and sale prices. The Fox 22 is 6.50 meters long, has a tower harness and bulb keel. In the cabin there are 4 spacious beds. The boat is very stable and secure. It offers both cruisers and racers unprecedented fascination on the water. From the large cockpit, all sailing functions and the outboard motor can be operated. The Fox 22 is equipped with high quality Sprenger fittings. The sails are made by the renowned sailmaker Gaastra Sails. The small yacht has a 90 cm deep stabbing keel, especially for navigation on lakes. It is easy to clean the monospace interior. The Red Fox 22 Touring delivers so much sailing pleasure at so little cost and effort like no other boat in its class.

Packing list

Please bring your own:

• Sleeping bag
• Swimwear
• Warm clothing
• Rainwear
• Towels
• Toiletries

* Suitcases are not desirable to store on the sailboat, therefore you better bring bags with you.

Advice and conditions

Harbors, moorings
Along the way you will encounter moorings and marinas everywhere, including free construction sites of the provincial organisation Marrekrite. These places are indicated on the water map of Friesland. You can also moor your boat in the city centre. In that case you pay demurrage to the harbor master of the municipality.

The boat charters which are connected with Friesland Holland Tourist Information have fully equipped, well maintained and good technical conditioned yachts. The yachts are inspected before each rental period.

You do not have to clean the ship before handing in the boat. The yacht charter will do this for you.

Fuel, gas and water
The yacht charter gives you a full tank of fuel, a bottle of water and a bottle of gas before you leave the harbor. Consumption is at your expense. Therefore, at the end of the rental period, the boat must be returned with a full fuel tank and water tank. You can often refill the tanks near or even at the charter base. The payment of gas should be arranged with the yacht charter.

Lay-off pay
50% of the booking amount must be paid within 14 days after the invoice date. The remaining amount (50% of the booking amount) must be paid no later than six weeks before the confirmed arrival date which is stated on the invoice made by Friesland Holland. In case of last-minute bookings, when payment is not possible, the rent or package price needs to be paid at arrival.

Excess = deposit
The excess, which is 500, - Euro, (in terms of the all-risk insurance) must be paid by the tenant. The deposit, equal to the excess, should be paid to the yacht charter on the day of arrival. You will receive a full refund of the yacht charter if the rented boat is returned damage free. If damage is brought to the ship or to the inventory then this damage is inflicted by the security deposit. See the Aquapolis.

The Friesland Holland Aquapolis is a total package that guarantees you a carefree holiday on a yacht. The Aquapolis also includes a cancellation insurance.

The IJsselmeer is a sailing area for experienced captains which have rough-waterproof ships. Beginners and tenants of smaller yachts are strongly discouraged by yacht charters and Friesland Holland to sail at this lake.


Route information

Guest information with booked accommodations
Accommodation guide with situation maps of the places to stay
Information about bridges and sluices
• Sneek Magazine
• IJsselmeerkust Magazine
• Newspapermaps: Friese Meren, Friesland Attractions and Routes, Lemmer/Tjeukemeer, Grou/Earnewâld/Drachten en Joure/Langweer/Terherne

ANWB Watermap Friesland B

Stamp card (Only given when a Eleven Cities package is booked)



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