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E-bike: ALBA Unique Brooks
E-bike: ALBA Unique Brooks

Dear renter of the e-bike of Friesland Holland!

You will cycle during your Friesland Holland-cycle vacation on one of the most beautiful and newest E-bikes from several top brands, manufacturers with the latest support technology and a long-range battery. Friesland Holland continually purchases new electrical bicycles. These are equipped with anti-puncture tires. You will always cycle ‘’grand luxe’’. 

Your rented bicycle represents a value of 2.000 to 3.000 euros!
This high price is partly due to the expensive lightweight battery (approx. 700 euros), the sophisticated technology and the very complete fittings.

Treat the leased e-bike properly, prevent theft.
You are responsible for the rented bicycle. The bicycle can be well protected when one follows the tips stated underneath.  

The tips also relate to proper use, so you can enjoy your cycling holiday without any worries.

You will receive an envelope via the luggage driver/bicycle deliverer or via the reception of the hotel/pension with:

- A key to lock the wheel
- Possible: additional security instructions (involves bikes with removable control displays)

In the pannier you will find:
- A charger so you are able to recharge the battery every evening or on your way to your lodging address
- A cable or chain lock (for attaching the bicycle to a pole, tree or fence)
- A manual

How to start best:

- Open the wheel lock
- Press the on/off button on the control display to activate the battery and the engine. Do you have a Gazelle: press the black button on the rear (hence activate the battery and display).
- Take a moment to view the display. There are three to five support capabilities.

Secure your bike well!
- Always use the wheel lock and if you just leave the bike alone, also the cable or chain lock that is in the pannier.

Be careful with the plug
- A weakness of some e-bikes is something simple: the plug of the charger. Be carefull when plugging it in, otherwise the plug can break or the pins in the plug connection can break. With some e-bikes, like the Batavus Garda with mid-engine and the Giant Twist, the battery(ies) first needs to be unlocked with the bicycle key. After this you can pull it out of the carriage (Batavus Garda) or lift and then pull up (Giant) so the plug can be plugged in and the battery can be recharged. Most e-bikes can be charged without removing the battery from the cradle.

Handing in the bicycle on your last cycling day 
- Place at the end of your last cycling day the electric bicycle in the lockable storage area of the hotel. Lock the bicycle and give the display of the bike to the reception. Damage of the bicycle needs to be reported to Friesland Holland: 0561-615364. Do not leave the bicycle outside, the chances that it will be stolen are quite big. In case of too less space in the storage room, call Friesland Holland: 0561-615364.

Pedal assistance
- You will easily bridge distances of 70 to 140 km without recharging. It is proven by several tests made, that this is also the fact with headwinds. Besides, if the battery is drained by exceptionally strong headwind and wrong gear selection (high speed), it is easily back to normal if you charge it for a while for example during the lunch break. Almost all restaurants have a charging point. 

Golden tip
- A golden tip: Do not put your bicycle pedal unnecessarily in the highest position, but wherever possible use the positions 1 and 2 and switch off the support in case you have the wind in the back. A battery, no mather which brand is easily empty if you choose the highest support stand in strong wind at high speed (5,6,7,8 or higher). Going up a mountain in the highest gear of a car is also not a good solution.

No power? Not a disaster!
- Friesland Holland rents electric bicycles which also cycle easy when the battery is empty. Put the pedal assistance on ‘off’ and experience that most e-bikes (especially all Gazelle’s, Batavus Garda and Koga E-active) also serve excellent as sport touring bike.

In case you have any questions, call us: 0561-615364.
I wish you happy holidays and would appreciate your experiences with the e-bike(s) very much. This is my email-address: [email protected]

Mei freonlike groetnis en graach oant sjen (Frisian for: best regards and hope to see you),

Albert Hendriks, director Friesland Holland Tourist Information & Travel Service

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