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Lodging information


Friesland Holland uses the term Pompeblêden to state the level of accommodations. Pompeblêden tell more than stars. In the hotel world, a level indication with star is very common. As a tourist or business traveller, we think that this is not very helpful. Stars often are in relation to less important businesses like the lightning at the bed and the luggage carriers. Therefore it can occur that hotels with three stars in our view are top hotels when looking at the recreational facilities in- and outdoor. This is more useful for you than a doorman which bows for you like a clasp-knife. Therefore Friesland Holland is not using stars, but ‘pompeblêden’, the red water lily leaves of the Frisian flag. The more pompeblêden, the more recreational facilities.

Overnight stay prices

The package prices are based on staying the night over in a 2 person room.
In case of staying the night over in a single room, one needs to pay a single supplement of 30% on the package price.
A third person in the room gets 10% discount on the package price.

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