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Gaasterland & Sloten package

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3-day cycling package in Friesland on half board basis. Price per person:

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• Including breakfast and dinners
• 3 cycling days

Woods and Lake District Gaasterland. Fortress town Sloten.

Over 100,000 years ago there were regular and long periods of global cooling. These cold phases (ice ages) alternated with warmer phases over thousands of years. The heights of Gaasterland came into being during the penultimate ice age when an ice sheet thicker than 250 metres transported boulder clay from Scandinavia. Boulder clay is a deposit of clay with small and large boulders. In the northern half of the Netherlands the slowly melting ice mass deposited this ground moraine in a layer of up to several metres thick. The ice cap, although gradually retreating at the end of the ice age, was pushed upwards a few more times into a southern direction, resulting in boulder clay hills. These hills have an elliptical shape and are over ten metres high. The Frisian word for these heights is gaasten. Hence, the name Gaasterland.

Until 1984, because of its regular shape, the fortress town of Sloten was often called an ideal renaissance town. It was an independent municipality with its own council. Since 1st January 1984, Sloten, one of the famous Frysian ‘Eleven Cities’, has formed together with the municipality of Gaasterland, Gaasterlân-Sleat. Sloten dates from the 11th century and was granted town privileges in 1426.

In the event of you arriving early at Hotel Jans on your first day, you would be able to cycle three days with Rijs as a base. You can leave your luggage at the reception while in the mean time you explore the surrounding. If you do not want to bring your own bicycles you can rent these from Friesland Holland. The bicycles will be waiting for you on the day of arrival before 10 in the morning.

Starting day
As you wish.

Total of cycling days

Starting hotel

Price information

• Reservation fees
• 2x night in hotel
• 2x breakfast
• 2x three-course dinner (evenings)
• Tourist tax
• Breakdown service (replacement of rental bicycle or transport of your own bicycle to repair shop in destination area)
• Informative cycle route folder

• Free Friesland Holiday Passport (unique five-language information book of Friesland worth € 4.95)
• Free Fries Voordeelpas worth € 25, - for hundreds of euro's discount on attractions and products

• Travel and cancellation insurance
• Lunches and drinks

Daily programm

Day 1

Day of arrival. First cycling day.
Today there’s a cycle tour from Rijs to Sloten on the agenda. A different cycle route will lead you back to your hotel in Rijs.
Dinner and overnight stay in Hotel Jans.

Day 2

Second cycling day.
After breakfast you can start your next beautiful cycle tour to Stavoren, Hindeloopen and possibly also to Workum. This day you’ll cycle a small section of the official ‘Eleven Cities’ tour. Dinner and overnight stay in Hotel Jans.

Day 3

Third cycling day.
Visit Lemmer and Schokland.
Today you will head home unless you booked an extra night beforehand.


You stay the night in comfortable rooms with their own sanitary facilities.

3 pompeblêden

Lodging location
Hotel Jans in Rijs is a family-run hotel in the peacefull and quiet old-growth Rijsterbos (woods) and the attractive IJsselmeer. The cities Stavoren, Workum and Sloten are easy to reach and to explore from Rijs.

Evening dinner
Hotel Jans has its own restaurant.

Your car can be parked for free at the hotel.


Route information

Per booking you will receive an extensive information package:

• Friesland Travel Guide Tourist Atlas (quadrilingual, 260 pages)
• Tourist maps and magazines
• Road maps
indicating node points
• Situation maps from the Eleven Towns track to the accommodations and vice versa
• Eleven Towns stamp card (per person)
Guest information mentioning the reserved accommodations, distances per day and other practical information (no accommodation vouchers)
• Luggage tags
• Reservation terms and conditions

It is possible to order several information packages.

Depending on the chosen cycle arrangement, a relevant selection of above mentioned documents will be included in your information package.

Extra night

In case you do not want to drive back home on the last day of your package, you could choose to book an extra night in the starting hotel.
It is strongly recommended to reserve this extra night in advance, during your reservation of the package.


Mobility Guarantee

The mobility guarantee has been included in the price of every Friesland Holland cycling package. With this unique service you will be insured in Friesland, with the exception of the islands, of a replacement vehicle. This is if the bike breaks down or if you had an accident with your own bicycle or rented bike and this cannot be restored at that place or at a bicycle repair specialist nearby within 1 hour. You will receive an excellent replacement bicycle with 7 gears and cyclebags or you will be taken by the Friesland Holland Assistance car to your ending destination of that day, no costs involved. The Friesland Holland Assistance car is able to take your bike to a bicycle repair shop in the neighbourhood near the lodging address if you wish. The costs of repairing the bike are for your own expense. Friesland Holland Assistance helps you to continue your trip in Friesland. The service is provided from the 1st of April until the 1st of October, 7 days a week, from 10 am until 6 pm. A tire repair set is provided when one rents a bike.

Tip: put on anti-puncture tires. Our rental bikes are equipped with such tires as well. This brings the chance of getting a flat tire to the minimum.

Bike rental info

Rent-a-TopBike ®
Rent a new model Batavus touring bike with lots of extras!

The tourist office Friesland Holland Bicycle Company 's Bike Corner in Gaasterland Oudemirdum selected for the rental of bicycles for Friesland Holland cycling packages. This company offers above average service and very friendly staff.
At the request of Friesland Holland rents' t Bike Corner the latest and the best suited for the purpose Batavus bikes (made in Heerenveen) and accessories and delivers it to the accommodation address where the cycle begins. The bikes are not standard rental bicycles, motorbikes but with many extras. They cost therefore complete about 860, - Euro each.

Touring bikes:
For adults, Rent-a-TopBike special Batavus Holiday's included in the program. This smooth-running and very comfortable two-wheelers have a sporty design aluminum frame, 7 gears, suspension for and under the saddle, roller brakes (super brakes by Shimano), anti-lekbanden and two practical hard panniers. Saddle and handlebars are easy to adjust quickly, without key! Each bike is equipped with a key-and puncture, a frame lock and a cable for attachment to a lamppost, fence or other real estate (both required to use to prevent theft!).
Price: EUR 12.00 per day

Mountain bike bike (MTB):
You can rent a Merida Mountain bike at Friesland Holland. The bike is tested on roads, muddy forest trails and even in the snow.
Price: EUR 15.00 per day.

Merida ATB:
Merida mountain bikes are specially developed for use on asphalt and on forest paths and for long trips.
Type: Merida Big Nine TFS 300 ATB. The bike kicks extra light and has flat proof tires.
Price: EUR 15.00 per day.

Child-touring bikes:
For the kids, new Batavus Fox with 3 speeds and additional hand brakes deployed. Nice tour through town and country!
Price: EUR 7.50 per day.

Touring bikes with an electric auxiliary motor:
You can increase your own strength twice a bicycle with an auxiliary electric motor. Refer to the electric motor, which is powered by an easy to charge battery, like a little boost. It is not a complete drive source as a gasoline engine, you must have stairs. The radius of a bicycle with an auxiliary electric motor is between 100 and 200 km. Range is affected by how often you bet the motor, the weather, the road surface, the temperature and the use of the gears. You must recharge after each stage as charging. The charger is in the pannier.
Price: EUR 22.00 per day.

For the safe transportation of children are seats available for mounting behind or on the bike.
Price: EUR 3.00 per day in combination with a rental bike

Kidcar + FH-TopBike ®:
A safe and comfortable way for children up to 6 years to take along during your cycling is the combination of a so-called KidCar, a very good child bicycle trailer of The Bird, and a 7-speed Batavus Genova as "tractor". The new trailer has room for two children. Along the way, they are well protected from wind and weather. In addition, extra stuff, toys, along.
Price: EUR 17.00 per day including bike with 7 gears and bags.

You can only KidCar rent it after your own bike linking. The clutch is easy to assemble by yourself. Specifications: see above.
Price: EUR 10.00 per day.

Friesland Holland regulates the rental and delivery and return the bike for you. This service is only a small fee: 7,50 Euro per bike. The bikes and extras on the first day, on the first day of cycling for 10:00 at the accommodation address and delivered at the end of the rental period, the last day of cycling, again at 18.00 retrieved.

Price Delivery and return: EUR 7,50 per bicycle rental, KidCar or child, regardless of the duration of the rental period


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