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Tourist Information Friesland Holland offers more than 100 bike packages, including the popular Elfstedentocht cycling packages and special packages for families with children.

  • Eleven Towns packages (1)

    Friesland Holland offers a wide variety of Eleven Towns holiday packages. Most cycling packages include luggage service and mobility guarantee service. Cycle the Eleven Towns route on a rental bike or on your own bike. In case your desired package is not in this list, please feel free to contact Friesland Holland. Friesland Holland possesses the expertise to deliver customized packages.
  • E-bike packages

    Select your e-bike package. You are able to cycle on the best electric bikes. Bike rental costs are included in the package price. When your package is not in this category please let us know so we are able to make a customized package for you.
  • Frisian Woods Cycling Packages (24)

    The Frisian Woods are located in the east of the province. The Frisian Woods cycling packages vary in duration, cycling distance, luxury and service levels. Most packages include luggage service and mobility guarantee service.
  • 2 + 2 Cycling Discovery Holidays (25)

    These packages will accommodate you in two different accommodations, situated in two different areas. During your cycling holiday you will explore several beautiful parts of Friesland. Overnight stays include breakfast and possibly dinner as well.
  • Themed Cycling Holidays (24)

    Our themed holiday packages are packages all over the province. The cycling packages vary in duration, cycling area, luxury and service level. Most packages include luggage service and mobility guarantee service.
  • Regional Cycling Holidays (41)

    In this category one can find our regional cycling holidays. These holidays stand for a certain part/region in the province. Each package here shown will take place in Friesland and shows you beautiful places/nature.
  • Stad & Wad (10)

    Here you can find our Stad & Wad packages. These packages our in the cities, but mainly along the coastline, on the islands or near/at the beach. You will cycle routes along the coastline, or will spend your afternoon at the beach. These packages are also family related.
  • Sport & Race (6)

    This category is for the sportive tourist who is for example looking for adventure or long cycling routes. One can bring a bicycle, but you can also rent a mountainbike at Friesland Hollands' Rent-a-topbike.