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In the trail of Rembrandt and his wife Zoom

In the trail of Rembrandt and his wife

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3-day holiday package: driving in the trail of Rembrandt and his wife Saskia from the North Frisian St. Annaparochie. Price per person:

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• Exploring the mudflat region
• Stay and dine in Franeker and Leeuwarden
• Discover Friesland’s hidden treasures

Friesland Holland Tour Tip: 'Rembrandt op Vrijersvoeten' (Rembrandt plays the Suitor)

The touristic route ‘Rembrandt plays the Suitor’ was launched in the north of Friesland on Tuesday 23 May 2007. As partaker of this attractive package you’ll drive on the second day of your stay in Friesland from your hotel in Franeker via St. Annaparochie and Bartlehiem to your hotel in Leeuwarden, the capital of Friesland. On the third day you will drive via the southern route back to the starting point in Franeker. Franeker, St. Annaparochie and Leeuwarden played a major role in the 17th century life of Rembrandt’s family, the Van Rijns. Even back then the ‘Eleven Cities’ tour on ice skates already existed. To make this cycle tour even more appealing, we also lead you along a section of the famous ice skating route in northern Friesland, including a visit to the world famous ‘Eleven Cities’ bridge of Bartlehiem. Franeker and Leeuwarden are particularly interesting towns on the ‘Eleven Cities’ route, but you will also be able to enjoy romantic knoll villages along the way. To put it in a nutshell, you will discover the hidden treasures of Fryslân.

Saskia Uylenburgh lived in the village of St. Annaparochie in the municipality Het Bildt at the Wadden Sea, near Leeuwarden. Rembrandt visited Het Bildt a number of times before he married Saskia in St. Annaparochie. During one of their walks Rembrandt drafted the attractive Bildt landscape with silverpoint on parchment.

The marriage formalities took place in the Van Harens Church in St. Annaparochie on 22 June 1634. Rembrandt’s Tour d’Amour in Friesland is wrapped up with a visit to the historic university town of Franeker which played an important role in the life of Saskia Uylenburgh.

Starting day
As you wish.

Start hotel
In Franeker

Price information

• Reservation fees
• 2 nights in a beautiful room, incl. generous breakfast
• 2 good three-course dinners (evenings)
• Information package (will be send after booking)

• Free Friesland Holiday Passport (unique five-language information book of Friesland worth € 4.95)
• Free Fries Voordeelpas worth € 25, - for hundreds of euro's discount on attractions and products.

• Travel and cancellation insurance
• Lunches and drinks

Price: € 230,00
(Excluding book 'Saskia, de vrouw van Rembrandt', language: Dutch)

Daily programm

Day 1

Arrival hotel in Franeker.
On this first day you will be expected to arrive at your hotel late afternoon. If you arrive earlier in the day, your room may not yet be available, but you could start so long with a visit to Franeker. Dinner in your hotel in Franeker.

Day 2

You drive from Franeker via St. Annaparochie and Bartlehiem to Leeuwarden.
An energetic breakfast starts off your first (or second) day.
Dinner in your hotel in Leeuwarden.

Day 3

After a generous breakfast you’ll drive along an interesting and worthwhile route with the villages Deinum and Dronrijp back to the starting place, Franeker.
If time allows, you may wish to visit other attractions in the area.


You will stay overnight in the historic 'Eleven Towns' Franeker (day 1) and Leeuwarden (day 2).

3 pompeblêden

Evening dinners
The 'Eleven Cities' hotels have their own restaurants.

Your car can be parked for free at the hotels.


Route information

Guest information with reserved places to stay
Accommodation guide with situation maps of the places to stay
• Sneek Magazine
• Newspapermaps: Friesland Attractions & Routes and Gaasterland/Sloten
Route information
Stamp card (only included in Eleven Towns package)

Extra night

In case you do not want to drive back home on the last day of your package, you could choose to book an extra night in the starting hotel.
It is strongly recommended to reserve this extra night in advance, during your reservation of the package.



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