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Cabin motor boat until a height of 2.10 metres ‘Discovery One’ Zoom

Cabin motor boat until a height of 2.10 metres ‘Discovery One’

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Discovery Motor cruiser

Only 1.85 metres above water and suitable for 4 persons, the Discovery Motor Cruiser is the answer to the wish of many watersport lovers who would rather sail over the small rivers than the big canals and love to see sights of historical cities such as Hindeloopen and Harlingen and the National Park in Friesland and Overijssel. But the same lovers would for example also want to go safely over the IJsselmeer, the IJssel and the Wadden Sea with the enjoyment and comfort just like home. This is why the ‘Discovery’ was developed. It offers comfort and the sailing characteristics of a luxury yacht and the possibilities of a sturdy sloop. No bridge is too low for this ship which is based on the classic lines. This is why the Dutch water world is much bigger. You will discover with the Discovery the hidden treasures of the Netherlands.

No sailing license is needed for a boat vacation in Holland
Everyone can book such an amazing sailing vacation as you do not need a sailing license. Sailing with a motorboat is not difficult and the traffic regulations on the water are very simple. You will be informed in advance, so no worries. A friendly and highly skilled instructor will help you the first day. You will get the chance to practice a lot on the yacht. While sailing you will learn all necessary traffic rules. This is a good beginning of your unforgettable holiday on the water.

Thoughtful design
At the design of the Discovery the most important principles were the length which is over 9,00 metres, the exceptional good sailing characteristics, steering outside possibility with the luxury of a standing steering wheel, a big tub with spacious sitting benches and storage room, standing height in the cabin with accommodation options for 4 persons and a crawl height of less than 1,70 metres (minus clearance). The ship has a chine construction on a flat base plate with a wide wedge and sturdy appearance which is accentuated by the RVS-fender and the beautiful sheer in the construction. The appearance of the Discovery is through the flat bottom construction classic and traditional. The boat has because of its big tub and slight crawling height the charm of an open sloop, but offer the comfort and living space of a flat bottom sailing yacht with de same length. The lovely light interior and the cosy division of the cabin make staying in the Discovery very pleasant. The exceptional good sailing characteristics make every tour a great pleasure.

Touring in large sailing areas
Due to its comfortable living area, staying on board of the Discovery is possible which makes it easier to sail long tours. The sailing area stretches itself through all the Dutch inland waterways, the IJsselmeer and the Wad. Due to the flat bottom plate, falling dry when it is low tide, is very easy. The boat has a low crawling height which means that almost all bridges can be taken along the route and sailing areas which are not accessible for other boats are made accessible. 

Spacious comfort cabin with 4 sleeping places*
For the interior – standing height! – a decking is chosen of maple in combination with teak frames. The interior therefore is very light and spacious and gets due to the used teak a luxury appearance. The division of the cabin consist of two long benches with in between a movable ‘hangoortafel’ (hanging table), an efficient designed galley and sanitary room on larboard and a card reading table on the starboard. The Galley and card reading table are foreseen of a plastic blade. There is a three-burner gas stove present for cooking. Cabinets have been made underneath the sink and the sitting benches. The refrigerator can be found underneath the card reading table. Shelves and storage room has been created over the entire length underneath the gangways. The sleeping cabin is situated in the front and offers place for two people. The sitting benches in the cabin can be sued for creating the two other sleeping places. There is storage room underneath the beds. The distinction between cabin and sleeping cabin is formed through the toilet- and showering area on larboard- and a hanging closet on starboard.

*There is a possibility for a fifth person when taking an air mattress and situating this between the two beds. However, you would have to move the table which is situated over there.

Standing steer, tub, swimming platform, storage for folding bikes
The steering position exists of a steering column with a hydraulic steering pomp inside with steering wheel. On top of this column is a control panel with the instruments of the motor (tachometer, hour meter, thermometer and warning lights), the joystick of the thrusters, the rudder indicator and the fuel tank meter. The engine control can be found with a Teleflex one-hand control on the side of the steering column. The tub is over 2,00 x 2,00 metres and offers a lot of space. Due to the cockpit cover in convertible version you have the possibility to sail completely ‘open’ or with a sun roof and you are able to close the tub with bad weather. The swimming platform can be reached via stair brackets on the mirror and is foreseen of a folding swim ladder. In the engine room and the aft is lots of space for two folding bikes so you are also able to discover the surrounding of the moorings.

In the engine room underneath the crawling floor, which is accessible via a large hatch, is a 40 PK strong and silent diesel engine. The three-bladed propeller, the thrusters and the fishtail shaped rudder provide the propulsion of the Discovery, so the boat is agile. The noise level in the tub is exceptionally low due to the very solid construction and optimal engine isolation.

Electrical installation
The board power is supplied by a 12 V battery of 140 Ah that is fed by a dynamo and a 230 V shore installation with rectifier.

Starting place


Price information

The price depends on the season.

• Reservation fees
• 7 days rental of a license free cruiser (maximum of 2.10 metres height) Which is able to go underneath all Eleven City bridges
• Parking place on charter basis
• Welcome with coffee, thee on charter basis
• Life jackets (4)
• Cleaning the ship after the journey is done by the yacht charter
• Complete kitchen equipment: cutlery, crockery, clean- and detergents
• Legally required boat documentation
• Knot sheet with the most used knots
• Very extensive tour information map with water- and route maps, among an ANWB Water map of Friesland
• Friesland Holland Assistance (help during breakdown and questions along the way)

Insurance and deposit
The yacht is all-risk insured with an own risk of €500,-. This amount will be asked as a deposit when you departure with the boat. When the boat is returned and is clean, free of damage and with the whole inventory, the deposit will be given back to you. The yacht charter has the right to return the boat without any repayment in case of improper behaviour. Deposit: €1.000,-

• Fuel (Diesel and gas)
• Lying, bridge- and lock fees
• Bed package: pillow, duvet and sheets (€10,00 per person)
• Redeem at own risk

The boat suits 4 persons.

Daily programm


Motor yacht details

Overall length:                                                 9,35 metres
Length waterline:                                             8,35 metres
Width:                                                              3,36 metres
Draft:                                                                0,70 metres
Minimum clearance:                                        1,70 metres
Engine:                                                            Diesel (40 PK)
Content diesel tank:                                        100 litres
Content water tanks:                                       300 litres
Content septic tank:                                        300 litres
Elektra board power:                                      12 V/ 140 Ah
Shore power:                                                  230 V
Isolation:                                                         Live and sleeping area

The boat suits 4 persons.
(Possibly a fifth person when taken an air mattress)

Other specifications:
Shore power connection available
Bow thruster
Rudder indicator

On board are:
1 x double bed, 2 x single bed, radio / CD player, Fridge, Toilet, shower (hot and cold water), kitchen + stove, cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery, heating.
On board are no blankets and sleeping bags. Linen can be hired at the yacht charter.


Route information

Guest information with booked accommodations
Accommodation guide with situation maps of the places to stay
Information about bridges and sluices
• Sneek Magazine
• IJsselmeerkust Magazine
• Newspapermaps: Friese Meren, Friesland Attractions and Routes, Lemmer/Tjeukemeer, Grou/Earnewâld/Drachten en Joure/Langweer/Terherne

ANWB Watermap Friesland B

Stamp card (Only given when a Eleven Cities package is booked)

Boat information

Advice and Conditions

Harbors, moorings
Along the way you will encounter moorings and marinas anywhere, including free construction sites of the provincial organization Marrekrite. These places are indicated on the water map of Friesland.
You can also moor your boat in the city center. In that case you pay demurrage to the harbor master of the municipality. Port fees are calculated per meter length of the ship, it costs about € 1.00 per meter.
Not all bridges charge money, but it is advisable to bring sufficient change. A bridge costs on average € 1.20. These additional costs are for you own expense.

The boat charters which are connected with Friesland Holland Tourist Information have fully equipped, well maintained and good technical conditioned yachts.
The yachts are inspected before each rental period.

Almost everything on board
Friesland Holland yachts are very well equipped. You will receive an inventory list when you arrive. The only thing you may need to take with you are kitchen, bath and hand towels, sheets, pillowcases, blankets, quilts, covers and sleeping bags.
Sometimes you can rent textile packages.

Fuel, gas and water
The yacht charter gives you a full tank of fuel, a bottle of water and a bottle of gas before you leave the harbor. Consumption is at your expense. Therefore, at the end of the rental period, the boat must be returned with a full fuel tank and water tank.
You can often refilll the tanks near or even at the charter base. The payment of gas should be arranged with the yacht charter.


Cleaning costst are mostly included in the package price. However, clean up the garbage before you leave. 
Any other costs are for own expense and need to be paid to the yacht charter.

To Hindeloopen
The booker of this sailing package may not sail on the IJsselmeer in order to visit the place Hindeloopen, but must use the inland canals (via the lake Morra).
Vertical clearance to Hindeloopen: 3 meter.

Lay-off pay
50% of the booking amount must be paid within 14 days after the invoice date. The remaining amount (50% of the booking amount) must be paid no later than six weeks before the confirmed arrival date which is stated on the invoice made by Friesland Holland. In case of last-minute bookings, when payment is not possible, the rent or package price needs to be paid at arrival.

Damage deposit and own risk
Upon arrival, a damage deposit of 250,- -  500,- Euro must be paid by the tenant to the yacht charter to cover the personal liability.
A valid identity document can often also serve as a deposit.

Hiswa or ANWB contract
The yacht charters work with a Hiswa or ANWB lease contract. You get a copy of this contract and need to respect the conditions of this contact.
When you book this holiday package you automatically agree to comply with the Hiswa or ANWB conditions.

The IJsselmeer is a sailing area for experienced captains which have rough-waterproof ships. Beginners and tenants of smaller yachts are strongly discouraged by yacht charters and Friesland Holland to sail at this lake.

You can park your car at the harbor of the yacht charter.


Sloop Holiday Guarantee

It does not happen very often that the weather is so bad that it is not save to go out by boat. If it does occur that sailing is not save during the sloop package for one or more days, the participants of the sloop can be taken by the shuttle bus of Friesland Holland:

  1. From the starting location to the first hotel
  2. From one hotel to other
  3. From the last hotel to the finish

In this way the sailors of the sloop can still enjoy their ending destination(s) at bad weather.

When the weather conditions are better, judged by Friesland Holland, the guests will be taken back to the location where the sloop is left behind, or the sloop will be sailed to a location from which the bookers can continue their trip. You can only take out the sloop guarantee insurance at the moment you book the holiday package, at a minimum of three weeks in advance before the sailing trip. This deal cannot be taken in combination with last-minutes. This offered insurance of Friesland Holland Assistance (shuttle service and skipper) costs €195,- per sloop package, booked a minimum of three weeks in advance before the trip starts.

If you have not taken the sloop vacation guarantee, or you booked it too late, and you want to make use of this during your sloop package, you will pay €295,- per day. In fact this is not so expensive as two persons come in action: a private driver and a private skipper.
Get a guarantee or not, when you are in doubt about the safety always contact the Friesland Holland Travel Service: 0031 (0)561 615 364


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