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2+2 Sailing package Lemmer and Sneek Zoom

2+2 Sailing package Lemmer and Sneek

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5-days sloop package in Friesland with luggage service. Price per person from:

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• Including breakfast and dinners
• 5 sailing days

2+2 For You!

This sailing vacation will start for you in hotel Iselmar. You can already start on your first day with a nice sailing trip if you would like to. In the evening there is a three course dinner waiting for you in the restaurant of the sport hotel Iselmar. The next day provides you with another route in the surrounding of Lemmer. The Friese Meren (Frisian Lakes) are within sailing distance of Lemmer and are definitely worth a visit if you like the enjoyment of rest and nature.

On the third day you will be sailing from Lemmer to hotel Amicitia in Sneek. After breakfast, you can go by boat to Bolsward or to de Alde Feanen the next day. On the 5th and final day you will be sailing back from Sneek to Lemmer via another route. When you are back in Lemmer you can pick up your car again, but you could also consider staying another night (if you book in advance) in case you do not want to go home yet.

Starting day
As you wish

Start and finish

Price information

• Reservation fees
• 4x overnight stay
• 4x breakfast
• 4x a three course dinner in the evening
• Sloop rental for 5 days
• Tourist taxation
• Luggage service from accommodation to accommodation
• Route-information map

• Travel- and cancellation insurance
• Lunches and beverages
• Bridge and port charges
• Gasoline (1 week around €75,-)
• Security deposit: €350,- The renter will receive the full amount back if the boat is clean and has no damage.
• Exclusive insurances (Aqua Polis)

€  945,– per person (2 persons sharing a boat, one double room)
€  835,– per person (3 persons sharing a boat, one double and one single room)
€  745,– per person (4 persons sharing a boat, two double rooms)

Daily programm

Day 1

Arrival in sport hotel Iselmar in Lemmer.
Sailing trip through the surrounding of Lemmer. Dinner and a overnight stay in the hotel.

Day 2

Sailing tour through the environment of Gaasterland.
Dinner and a overnight stay in hotel Iselmar.

Day 3

Sailing trip to hotel Amicitia in Sneek.
Dinner and a overnight stay in the hotel.

Day 4

Sailing to Bolsward.
Dinner and a overnight stay in hotel Amicitia.

Day 5

Sailing trip back to Lemmer.
The possibility to book an extra night in sport hotel Iselmar.


You will be spending the night in comfort rooms with own private sanitary facilities.
The accommodations are located near the water.

3 to 4 Pompeblêden


The accommodations own their own restaurant in which you can enjoy your three course dinner.

Parking facilities
You can park your car for free at the starting hotel.


Route information

Guest information with booked accommodations
Accommodation guide with situation maps of the places to stay
Information about bridges and sluices
• Sneek Magazine
• IJsselmeerkust Magazine
• Newspapermaps: Friese Meren, Friesland Attractions and Routes, Lemmer/Tjeukemeer, Grou/Earnewâld/Drachten en Joure/Langweer/Terherne

ANWB Watermap Friesland B

Stamp card (Only given when a Eleven Cities package is booked)

Extra night

In case you do not want to drive back home on the last day of your package, you could choose to book an extra night in the starting hotel.
It is strongly recommended to reserve this extra night in advance, during your reservation of the package.

Sloop info

Advice and Conditions

Harbors, moorings
Along the way you will encounter moorings and marinas anywhere, including free construction sites of the provincial organization Marrekrite. These places are indicated on the water map of Friesland.
You can also moor your boat in the city center. In that case you pay demurrage to the harbor master of the municipality. Port fees are calculated per meter length of the ship, it costs about € 1.00 per meter.
Not all bridges charge money, but it is advisable to bring sufficient change. A bridge costs on average € 1.20. These additional costs are for you own expense.

The boat charters which are connected with Friesland Holland Tourist Information have fully equipped, well maintained and good technical conditioned boats. The sloops are inspected before each rental period.

The yacht charter gives you a full tank of fuel before you leave the harbor. Consumption is at your expense. Therefore, at the end of the rental period, the boat must be returned with a full fuel tank and water tank.
You can often refilll the tanks near or even at the charter base. The payment of gas should be arranged with the yacht charter.


Cleaning costst are included in the package price. However, clean up the garbage before you leave. 

To Hindeloopen
The booker of this sailing package may not sail on the IJsselmeer in order to visit the place Hindeloopen, but must use the inland canals (via the lake Morra).
Vertical clearance to Hindeloopen: 3 meter.

Lay-off pay
15% of the booking amount must be paid within 14 days after the invoice date. The remaining amount (75% of the booking amount) must be paid no later than six weeks before the confirmed arrival date which is stated on the invoice made by Friesland Holland.
In case of last-minute bookings, when payment is not possible, the rent or package price needs to be paid at arrival.

Damage deposit and own risk
Upon arrival, a damage deposit of 250,- - 500,- Euro must be paid by the tenant to the yacht charter to cover the personal liability.
A valid identity document can often also serve as a deposit.

Hiswa or ANWB contract
The yacht charters work with a Hiswa or ANWB lease contract. You get a copy of this contract and need to respect the conditions of this contact.
When you book this holiday package you automatically agree to comply with the Hiswa or ANWB conditions.

The IJsselmeer is a sailing area for experienced captains which have rough-waterproof ships.
Beginners and tenants of smaller yachts and boats are strongly discouraged by yacht charters and Friesland Holland to sail at this lake.

You can park your car at the harbor of the yacht charter.


Sloop Holiday Guarantee

It does not happen very often that the weather is so bad that it is not save to go out by boat. If it does occur that sailing is not save during the sloop package for one or more days, the participants of the sloop can be taken by the shuttle bus of Friesland Holland:

  1. From the starting location to the first hotel
  2. From one hotel to other
  3. From the last hotel to the finish

In this way the sailors of the sloop can still enjoy their ending destination(s) at bad weather.

When the weather conditions are better, judged by Friesland Holland, the guests will be taken back to the location where the sloop is left behind, or the sloop will be sailed to a location from which the bookers can continue their trip. You can only take out the sloop guarantee insurance at the moment you book the holiday package, at a minimum of three weeks in advance before the sailing trip. This deal cannot be taken in combination with last-minutes. This offered insurance of Friesland Holland Assistance (shuttle service and skipper) costs €195,- per sloop package, booked a minimum of three weeks in advance before the trip starts.

If you have not taken the sloop vacation guarantee, or you booked it too late, and you want to make use of this during your sloop package, you will pay €295,- per day. In fact this is not so expensive as two persons come in action: a private driver and a private skipper.
Get a guarantee or not, when you are in doubt about the safety always contact the Friesland Holland Travel Service: 0031 (0)561 615 364


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